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Posture Therapy
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Take control of your posture and your life!
Posture Therapy is the analysis of an individual’s posture and the design of an individualized exercise program to correct postural misalignment and targets the cause of muscular pain.  Posture Therapy is a process which involves a series of posture correction exercises, specific stretches and therapeutic massage.  You can see changes within a few weeks and create a new habit within three months. Changing your posture seems daunting.  Many of us have lived for years with rounded shoulders, forward head, out of line hips or curved spines. 
Sometimes we don’t notice how our bodies have changed over time.  Your posture can be changed.   Changing your posture will change how you see yourself and how others see you.  Good posture makes for less injury, less pain and more freedom of movement and helping you improve your sport performance.  The goal is to correctly realign the joints of the body, help counteract spinal muscle imbalances and release stress.  When the body moves back into alignment, the internal organs will return to optimal function and noticeable improvement can often be found in respiratory and digestive system.
The Therapy Process
Posture TherapyTreatment can begin in your first session.  We use techniques such as Active Isolated Stretching, Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Re-Education.  The process of changing your posture may involve releasing tight muscles and joints, and retraining your body.  Together we can give you the support you need to make a change.  
First Initial Visit
·   A client intake form including medical   history  
·   Recording pain symptoms
·   A posture exam (assessment & elevation)
·   Postural photographs
·   Therapeutic Massage Therapy
·   Posture Correction Exercise 
Ongoing Session
·   Therapeutic Massage Therapy
·   Stretching Therapy
·   Posture Correction Exercise
 A review examination after 6 sessions.
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